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Miles – A Matter Of Time hourglass

As part of the Battersea Arts Centers ‘HOURGLASS FESTIVAL’, Poppi Dee in collaboration with a handful of excellent contributing poets, wrote and devised Miles, a short spoken word theatre tale. With SJ Brady, and Tom Cottle. See footage of one of the performances by clicking the link below.


Miles – A Matter Of Time




She Takes A Pill

Exploring ways to develop the performance mediums of spoken word poetry, working with Mellow 9 productions on Poppi Dee’s spoken word poem resulted in this little zinger. 


The Good Lady Ducayne

Working with Threadbare Carpet productions, this wonderfully thrilling tale written by Micheal buxtonHoward, and adapted from M.E Braddons 1896 series, headed to a 5 story second hand bookshop as part of the Buxton Fringe.

Cast: Micheal Howard, Marianne Howard, Sam Milsom, Cordelia Howard, and Poppi Dee.



Reaper Reviewflyerpic

The Never Heards made their Edinburgh debut with Reaper Review as part of PBH’s Free Fringe at the Cowgate Head.

“For anyone who hates their boss – this is a grim tale with one foot in comedy, one foot in the underworld, and both hands in anarchy.”

Written by Poppi Dee, devised and performed by Poppi Dee, Dan Bennett, and Stewart Clegg.





Ghost Stories Of An Antiquary

Never Heard Of Its first production under it’s collective banner was adapted from the works of the

same title by M.R James by Poppi Dee, also the Director. Performed at the White Bear Theatre. A blend of intimate story telling, live music, and slapstick comedy helped the Never Heards start with a bang.

Cast: Peter Wicks, Dan Bennett, Stewart Clegg, Sam Milsom, Trygve Wakenshaw, Kes Gill-Martin, Cordelia Howard, Inés Loughry, and Poppi Dee.
Music Composed and Played by: Greg Harradine.
Set/Lighting: Isabelle Haythorne.


The Inspirational Network

The Inspiration Network is an Arts Collective working closely with West Midlands based Youth organisation Enlight and was formed by Guy Holness and now involves work from young artists all over the world. Never Heard Of It ran performance workshops during the first I-N tour with participants from Croatia, Holland, and the West Midlands. Following this, they contributed to the tours final exhibition at The Public Gallery in West Bromwich.

Participants: Poppi Dee (Leader and Tour Participant) Dan Bennett, Isabelle Haythorne, Kate Mayne, Cordelia Howard, Rebecca Rapkins

Paper Cuts

The Paper Cuts was a series of scratch nights, proper belters, at the Hen & Chickens Theatre in Highbury and Islington. As well as showcasing some of the most exciting new work by other companies and individuals from all sorts of disciplines, we also introduced some of our own new work.

The Assasins. Written and Directed by Poppi Dee. Performed by Kate Mayne and Kiara Hawker

The Peeper. Written by Dan Bennett. Performed by Kelvin Rashbrook.

Big Issue. Written and Directed by Poppi Dee. Performed by Oliver Ashworth.

Novelty Tees. Written and Directed by Dan Bennett. Performed by Jessica Port.

Edgy. Devised and Performed by Dan Bennett and Kelvin Rashbrook.

Silver Back. Devised and Performed by Kelvin Rashbrook and Dan Bennett.

Red. Devised and Performed by Dan Bennett and Kelvin Rashbrook.

Nightmares. Written by Poppi Dee, and co-directed with Chris Sonnex. Performed by Steward Clegg and Peter Wicks.

 Big Baby. Devised and Performed by Dan Bennett and Kelvin Rashbrook.

Vicious Passion. Devised and Performed by Dan Bennett and Kelvin Rashbrook.

 Emilia Evans. Written and Performed by Poppi Dee.

I was there. Written by Dan Bennett and Kelvin Rashbrook, and performed by Kelvin.

We’re all thinking it. Devised and performed by Dan Bennett and Kelvin Rashbrook.

Party. Written and performed by Poppi Dee.

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